IRA Rates

APR refers to the annual percentage rate or the dividend rate.  APY refers to the annual percentage yield.

Dividends (interest rates) are declared during the last monthly board meeting of each calendar quarter for that quarter.  Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the rates posted on this web site will be approved for the following quarter. 

You may call our office at 601-442-4382 to see if rates have been determined for the next quarter end.

Rates as of 09/30/2014

Rate Description


Dividend Rates


All IRAs






At this time, we are not accepting roll-overs or direct transfers into IRAs.  This was effective as of the Board of Directors meeting in December, 2012. 

Current accountholders will however, be able to make the allowable contributions to existing IRAs. 

This freeze on IRAs is effective until further notice from the Board of Directors of Old South FCU.